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Posted on 10-21-2015

Posted: February 24, 2015
By: Dr Peter Clark

The autonomic system runs our organs without having to think about them or how they operate. The heart, kidneys, bladder, lungs, digestive system, pupils, etc. are all controlled by the autonomic system. The autonomic system receives information from the brain to control its reaction to internal and external stimuli and responds without our conscience thought. Our heart beats and blood pumps, stomach digests, intestines pull nutrients, the spleen, tonsils and lymph system fight bacteria and viruses, the list goes on. Lets face it, its a complicated system that does it’s job well without a thought from us.

As long as the nervous system is functioning without interference, the autonomic nervous system sends appropriate responses to stimuli. Think of it like a water hose. A clear line provides uninterrupted water flow. If the line becomes interrupted, so does the water. Without good water flow the garden will slowly diminish.

A major interruption in the nervous system, such as a spinal injury could cause paralysis and organ malfunction. But even a minor interruption can have devastating effects. The weight of a quarter can interrupt the communication in the nervous system up to 60%. Even slight traumas to the spine can slightly move the vertebra to put pressure on a nerve. This misplaced vertebra is called a subluxation. Subluxations can be caused by bumps, accidents, even birth trauma. A subluxation can go unnoticed for weeks or even years as only about 10% of the nervous system perceives pain. Eventually, an organ that does not have clear communication with the brain will become symptomatic.

While diet and external forces, such as smoking and diet play vital roles in organ health, nervous system health can be an attributing factor in overall health. Chiropractors focus on the health of the nervous system. Only a chiropractor is trained for the detection and removal of subluxations. Make sure your nervous system is subluxation free, get your spine checked today. 704-792-2700

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Dr. Clark and his staff are great. He fixed me up 4 years ago and I continue to see him twice a month, it's a way of life and would never give it up. Thank you American Family Spine and Health.

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